Steve Bennoun

I have moved to the University of California, Los Angeles.
My new webpage is Steve Bennoun's UCLA webpage.

Before moving to UCLA, I was at Cornell as an

Active Learning Lecturer

Dept. of Mathematics, Cornell University
Malott Hall, Ithaca, NY 14853
s.bennoun @ cornell [dot] edu

Teaching-related Activities
Currently I focus on teaching and transforming big calculus courses. My goal is manifold:
• increase student participation and involvement in class, i.e. have students do math instead of watching someone else do math for them,
• create teaching material so that active learning becomes the standard way of teaching these courses,
• making sure that the materials created can easily be used by 'any' instructor.

You can find here examples of the worksheets and pre-class activities created for MATH1110 (Calc I).

My research is divided into three big parts:
• assessing the impact of the new teaching methods introduced in the calculus courses (i.e. of the curriculum revision), both in terms of student learning and instructors' practices,
• evaluating the efficiency of teaching methods on students' learning (e.g. the use of learning objectives by the students and teachers, group work, the use of post-exam reflections surveys) and what makes them beneficial for the students,
• in math, I study weak Hopf algebras (which are generalisations of Hopf algebras) and their representations. I am also interested in the link between these objects and fusion categories.

Keywords : undergraduate mathematics education, discipline-based education research, university teaching, science education; quantum algebra, weak Hopf algebra, representation theory and category theory

My work is part of Cornell's Active Learning Initiative.