Algebraic Topology - Revisions and Additions

Additional Exercises: Approximately 100 new exercises, along with enhanced versions of a few of the original exercises.

In addition to keeping the online version of the book up to date on corrections as they come to light, I have also included a number of revisions. Most of these are small enough not to require renumbering of pages or theorems. A list of the more significant changes is given below. The 2015 reprinting of the book includes all corrections and revisions of the book up to that date except the final two sections added to the Appendix -- see the last item on the list below. (The publisher did not want to include these since this would have made the book six pages longer, and lengthening a book without having a new edition is apparently not done.)

The renumbering scheme for items 3.11-3.21 and 4.13-4.17 is given in detail at the end of the Preface of the book in both the online version and the 2015 reprinting.

Not included in either the online or printed versions are the following items which I have at various times thought about including in a revision but for one reason or another haven't actually done: