These are some notes for Math 261a on topics that either weren't treated in [Fulton and Harris], or the treatment there required stuff we'd skipped. They're each about six pages.
  • Using rep theory of S_4 to describe a bouncing tetrahedron, PostScript and PDF
  • Character theory for finite groups, PostScript and PDF
  • Classification of U(n)'s irreps using the nonstandard notion of "strong dominance" PostScript and PDF
  • Barely enough algebraic geometry to appreciate the algebro-geometric classification of irreps of GL_n, PostScript and PDF
  • The dense orbit of N on GL_n/B, and applications, PostScript and PDF
  • The Weyl character formula for GL_n, and the Gel'fand-Cetlin basis, PostScript and PDF
  • The hive ring computes tensor products of GL_n reps, PostScript and PDF
  • Each compact group gives a root system, PostScript and PDF

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