Topology & Geometric Group Theory Seminar

Fall 2009

Tuesdays and some Thursdays

1:30 – 2:30, Malott 203

Current and future talks

 Tuesday September 1 Organizational meeting
for seminar and Topology Festival
 Tuesday September 8 Jason Manning, University at Buffalo
Residual finiteness and separability of quasiconvex subgroups
 Tuesday September 15 Organizational meeting
for Topology Festival
 Tuesday September 22 Tim Riley, Cornell University
Hydra groups
 Tuesday September 29 No meeting this week
 Thursday October 8 Will Dison, University of Bristol
Dehn functions of Bestvina–Brady groups
 Tuesday October 13 Fall break
 Thursday October 15 Ana Rita Pires, MIT
Symplectic origami
 Thursday October 22 Stephen Wang, Bucknell University
Surface groups, Artin groups, and their representations
 Tuesday October 27 Fred Cohen, University of Rochester
Generalized moment-angle complexes
 Tuesday November 3 Adam Sikora, University at Buffalo
Character varieties
 Tuesday November 10 Matt Rathbun, UC Davis
High distance knots in any 3-manifold
 Thursday November 12 Kim Ruane, Tufts University
Automorphism groups of graph products
 Tuesday November 17 Dmytro Savchuk, Binghamton University
Automata generating free products of groups of order 2
 Tuesday November 24 Organizational meeting
for Topology Festival
 Tuesday December 1 Matt Brin, Binghamton University
Shavgulidze's paper on the amenability of Thompson's group F

Past talks

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Organizers: Ken Brown and Tim Riley
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