Alexander Vladimirsky

Professor of Mathematics
Director of Center for Applied Mathematics

561 Malott Hall
Department of Mathematics
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853-4201

Telephone: (607) 255-9871

Member of graduate programs in Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Theoretical & Applied Mechanics, Computational Science & Engineering.
Co-organizer (together with David Bindel) of the Scientific Computing and Numerics (SCAN) Seminar.
Co-organizer of the Cornell Mathematical Contest in Modeling.


Recent Past:

Math 4250 / CS 4210, Numerical Analysis and Differential Equations, Fall 2017.

Math 3610, (The Art & Science of) Mathematical Modeling, Fall 2017.

Math 6230, Differential Games, Optimal Control, Front Propogation, and Dynamic Programming, Fall 2016.

Previously taught.

Research Interests

My work so far has been in Numerical Analysis, Non-linear PDEs, and Dynamical Systems.
A brief description of several recent projects can be found here.

What follows is an unsorted list of my other mathematical interests:

* Control Theory & Differential Games * Front Propagation Problems * Anisotropy & Homogenization * Bifurcation Theory * Dimension Reduction * Pareto & multi-modular optimization * Elimination Theory * Computability & Complexity * Approximate & Probabilistic Algorithms * Computational Geometry * Error Analysis


(Note:   ■ bullets are used to mark refereed conference proceedings papers and reviewed/published "extended abstracts".)

An outdated programming resume (from my days as a software consultant).