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FractalAsm (Mac) Explore any 2D dynamical system. Write your own definition. Color up to 8 attractors. Movies.
SaddleDrop (Mac) Parameter space pictures for the Hénon map, by following critical points
Tangencies (Mac) View Henon stable and unstable manifolds in R2,  G+/G- tangency locus in R2, and NTL invariant.
AltiVec J-sets (Mac) Julia sets in 16-bit color at 800x600, 60fps, on a 400MHz G4; achieves 3.2GFlops rate.
Medusa (Unix) Computes normal form and postscript picture of mating of two quadratic polynomials.
Planar Maps and DE's (Mac) Explore 2D systems of ODE's or iterated maps (draw stable/unstable manifolds, find periodic points, etc.).

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