Project Based Math 112, Fall 2001

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Project Based Math 112, Fall 2001

To create this website, we took the course home page written for the students of Projects 112 Fall 2001, and altered it just a bit to include more instructor resources (for example, TeX versions of handouts).

Also, sources of activities and projects are not always credited individually. We borrowed/adapted many activities from the Instructors Guide which accompanies the Stewart textbook. We also consulted the books:

  • Student Research Projects in Calculus, Marcus Cohen, Edward D. Gaughan, Arthur Knoebel, Doublas S. Kurtz, and David Pengelley. MAA, 1991.
  • Calculus:An Active Approach with Projects, Steve Hilbert, John Maceli, Eric Robinson, Diane Driscoll Schwartz, and Stan Seltzer. John Wiley and Sons, Inc., 1994.

    Also, we combed the other calculus sites listed on the Projects Calculus at Cornell Home Page, so we may have used ideas from any/all of those sources. We also used the Spring 1995 Projects Calculus at Cornell model in designing the course.

    Course Overview:

    Informational Flyer -- a flyer advertising the course.
    Short blurb about the course
    Shorter blurb

    Course Structure [TeX] --a 2-page description of the course, distributed to students the first day of class.

    Syllabus [TeX] --using textbook: Stewart, James. Calculus: Concepts and Contexts, single variable, Second edition, Brooks/Cole, 2001.

    Brief weekly lesson plans

    Explore each aspect of the course in-depth:

    Prelims Projects
    Homework Activities

    Miscellaneous helpful handouts:
    A Guide to Writing in Mathematics Classes (PDF) [TeX]
    --adapted from materials developed by Harel Barzilai and Annalisa Crannell.

    Instructions for Activities [TeX]
    --adapted from Harel Barzilai's "Some Suggestions on Working in Groups".

    Instructions for Projects [TeX]
    --adapted from Harel Barzilai's version of "Guideline for Projects" in Calculus:An Active Approach with Projects (pub. by MAA) and Appendix B of Student Research Projects in Calculus (the Ithaca College book).

    Checklist for your final report (PDF) [TeX]
    --adapted from materials developed by Annalisa Crannell.

    Integration Suggestions (PS) [TeX]
    --adapted from materials developed by Nat Miller.

    Series Practice Problems (PDF) [TeX]
    Answers to Series Practice Problems (PDF) [TeX]

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