Project Based Math 112, Fall 2001, Activities

In-Class Activities
Project Based Math 112, Fall 2001

Instructions for Activities [TeX] -- students should read this handout immediately prior to the first several in-class group activities, for helpful suggestions on how to organize themselves to accomplish their task in the alotted time.
--adapted from Harel Barzilai's "Some Suggestions on Working in Groups".

Unless otherwise noted, activities are borrowed/adapted from the Stewart Instructor's Gude.

Day 1: Will Pres. Rawlings hit the deer? [TeX]

Stewart 5.1/5.2: Sigma Detectives [TeX] (adapted from Harel Barzilai's version of an activity from Cooperative Learning in Mathematics: a handbook for teachers, ed. by Neil Davidson.)

Stewart 5.2: Barehands Integration [TeX](112 sections 2 and 7)

Stewart 5.2: Barehands Integration [TeX](112 section 8)

[Stewart 5.3: Clearing the Hill, from Stewart Instructors Guide -- we skipped this activity]

Stewart 5.4: Fundamental Theorem of Calculus (from Stewart Instructors Guide)

Stewart 5.5: Unexpected Equality (from Stewart Instructors Guide) (sections 2 and 7 only)

[Stewart 5.5: Loki's Dilemma [TeX] -- we skipped this activity]

Stewart 6.2: Making Bagels [TeX] (sections 2 and 8)

Stewart 5.6: Integration by Parts [TeX]

[Stewart 5.7: Partial Fractions [TeX] --we skipped this activity]

[Stewart 5.7: Making Bagels Revisited [TeX] --we skipped this activity]

Stewart 5.9: Comparison of Methods [TeX]

Stewart 5.9: Using Error Bounds [TeX]

Induction: Sigma Detectives Revisited [TeX](Sections 2 and 7 only)

Stewart 6.4: Average Value [TeX]

Stewart 8.1: Introduction to Infinite Sequences[TeX] (adapted from an activity by Harel Barzilai)

Stewart 8.1: How do your favorite sequences stack up?[TeX] (adapted from an activity by Harel Barzilai)

Stewart 8.2: Series, Integrals, and Hidden Patterns (PS) [Tex](Sections 2 and ?7) (adapted from Harel Barzilai's version of an activity in Calculus: An Active approach with Projects (pub. by MAA, 1991)

Stewart Chp. 8: Exploring/Creating Infinite Series(from Stewart Instructors Guide)
    Answers to Exploring I.S. activity [TeX]

Stewart 8.5: Intervals of Convergence[TeX]

All of the Chp. 7 activities below can be found in the Stewart Instructors Guide

Stewart 7.1: A Qualitative Look at Differential Equations:    1    2   

Stewart 7.2: Direction Fields:    1    2   

Stewart 7.2: Euler with Care:    1    2    3   

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