Dynamical Systems Seminar

Richard RandCornell University
Bifurcations in a System of Two MEMS oscillators

Friday, December 6, 2019 - 1:30pm
Malott 205

This talk reports on continuing progress in understanding the bifurcation structure of a
system of two oscillators, each of which consists of a 2-dimensional mechanical oscillator
which is coupled to a 1-dimensional temperature field caused by a laser.
In a previous version of this talk, the bifurcations in a system of two identical oscillators were
considered. In the present work we extend these considerations to include a system of two
non-identical oscillators, which amounts to an unfolding of the previously obtained bifurcations.

This work is joint with Professor Alan Zehnder and graduate students B. Shayak and Adityah Bhaskar.