Topology & Geometric Group Theory Seminar

Fall 2010

Tuesdays and some Thursdays

1:30 – 2:30, Malott 253

Current and future talks

 Tuesday August 31 Emily Dryden, Bucknell University
Upper bounds for eigenvalues of submanifolds
 Tuesday September 7 Lucas Sabalka, Binghamton University
On the geometry of Out(Fn)
 Tuesday September 14 Justin Moore, Cornell University
The Laver tables and Thompson's group F
 Tuesday September 21 Martin Kassabov, Cornell University
On a conjecture of Borel and Tits about abstract homomorphisms between algebraic groups
 Tuesday September 28 Organizational meeting for the Topology Festival
 Tuesday October 5 Jim Davis, Indiana University
Equivariant rigidity, Smith theory, and actions on tori
 Tuesday October 12 Fall break
 Tuesday October 19 Zoran Šunić , Texas A&M University
Hanoi twin towers
 Tuesday October 26 Hee Jung Kim, Binghamton University
Double point surgery and exotic group actions in 4-manifolds
 Tuesday November 2 Organizational meeting for the Topology Festival
Finish selecting speakers
 Tuesday November 9 Matt Zaremsky, University of Virginia
Weyl transitive but not strongly transitive group actions on buildings
 Thursday November 18 Seminar canceled
 Tuesday November 23 No meeting this week
 Tuesday November 30 Patricia Hersh, North Carolina State University and Cornell University
Shelling Coxeter-like complexes and sorting on trees
 Tuesday December 7 Igor Rapinchuk, Yale University
Linear representations of Chevalley groups over rings: Two approaches

Past talks

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Organizers: Ken Brown and Martin Kassabov
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