MATH 6510

Algebraic Topology I

Spring 2017

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Timothy Riley


MW 8:40–9:55
MLT 205

Office hours

F 9:00–11:00
MLT 403

Tim Riley


Ahmad Rafiqi

Office hours

F 3:00–5:00
MLT 111


Homework. Due in class on Mondays.

→ Due 30 Jan
→ Due 6 Feb
→ Due 13 Feb
→ Due 22 Feb
→ Due 27 Feb
→ Due 6 Mar (midterm)
→ Due 13 Mar
→ Due 20 Mar
→ Due 27 Mar
→ Due 10 Apr
→ Due 17 Apr (midterm)
→ Due 24 Apr
→ Due 1 May
→ Due 8 May

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Synopsis. This 4-credit course is one of the core offerings in our graduate mathematics program. It provides an introduction to associating algebraic invariants to topological spaces. The main topics are: the fundamental group, covering spaces, van Kampen's theorem, the Eilenberg–Steenrod Axioms for homology, axioms for cohomology, homology groups of spheres and applications, CW-complexes and cellular homology, real and complex projective spaces, singular homology, the Künneth Formula, cohomology and cup and cap products, manifolds and orientations, Poincaré and Lefschetz duality. Further topics are covered in Algebraic Topology II, MATH 7530.

Textbooks. Allen Hatcher, Algebraic Topology (downloadable for free from Hatcher's web site) and Steven Weintraub, Fundamentals of Algebraic Topology (downloadable from our library). Hatcher provides a guide to other texts.

Prerequisites. Minimally, some point-set topology and abstract algebra, mainly group theory. Ideally, our MATH 4530 or similar.

Two take-home midterms. Provisionally, 27 February–6 March & 10–17 April.

Presentations. Details are here.

Assessment. Homework 50%, midterms 15% each, presentation 15%, class and office hours participation 5%. No final exam is planned.

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