A new episode will be published every Thursday, and discusses different facets of higher math.

Theoretical Linear Algebra and Calculus challenges young mathematicians at Cornell.

Professors Yulij Ilyahsenko and Robert Strichartz have been named 2017 Fellows of the American Mathematical Society (AMS).
Sept 15 - Oct 15 is Hispanic Heritage Month and the AMS is highlighting Prof. Marcelo Aguair as a featured Latin mathematician.

Twenty-five images go on display in Cornell’s Malott Hall Sept. 12 in the exhibition, “SymmetryScapes: An Exhibition of Mathematical Art.” Artist Frank Farris created the display’s aluminum prints, purchased by Cornell’s math department to celebrate the beauty and diversity of symmetry.

Steven Strogatz communicates the beauty of math not only to students but also to the public via books, TED Talks and publications like the New York Times.
Holm's talk title was, "Understanding Symplectic Geometry and Topology through Polytopes and Lattice Points."
H.C. Wang Assistant Professor, Florian Frick, was awarded the Richard Rado Prize for his 2015 BMS PhD thesis entitled "Combinatorial Restrictions on Cell Complexes".
Kelsey will spend the summer working at NOVA.
To celebrate national Mathematics Awareness Month, Prof. Levine shared his experiences in a prediction tournament with thousands of players and discussed the uses (and abuses) of math in predicting the future.