Harmonic Analysis Seminar

Organized by: Gennady Uraltsev

In this seminar we are going to gain a working understanding of polynomial methods in Harmonic Analysis. Results we may be focusing on include

  • Guth, Katz 2011 - On the Erdo"s distinct distance problem in the plane (Arxiv 1011.4105v3)
  • Du, Guth, Li 2016 - A sharp Schrodinger maximal estimate in R2 (Arxiv 1612.08946)

Our sessions are between 45 - 90 min depending on the topic and the disposition of the audience. We are interested in a variety of topics in analysis and we look forward to learning new ideas that may very well be separate from the specific research topics of the participants. Please feel welcome to come and/or suggest new themes. We are also flexible in terms of the time of our meetings.

E.g., 2024 Jul 13
E.g., 2024 Jul 13
Nothing is scheduled for this time period.