Topology and Geometric Group Theory Seminar

Maximilien PerouxUniversity of Pennsylvania
Equivariant variations of topological Hochschild homology

Tuesday, November 16, 2021 - 1:00pm
Malott 206 / Zoom

Topological Hochschild homology (THH) is an important variant for ring spectra. It is built as a geometric realization of a cyclic bar construction. It is endowed with an action of circle. This is because it is a geometric realization of a cyclic object. The simplex category factors through Connes’ category Λ. Similarly, real topological Hochschild homology (THR) for ring spectra with anti-involution is endowed with a O(2)-action. Here instead of the cyclic category Λ, we use the dihedral category Ξ.

From work in progress with Gabe Angelini-Knoll and Mona Merling, I present a generalization of Λ and Ξ called crossed simplicial groups, introduced by Fiedorwicz and Loday. To each crossed simplical group G, I define THG, an equivariant analogue of THH. Its input is a ring spectrum with a twisted group action. THG is an algebraic invariant endowed with different action and cyclotomic structure, and generalizes THH and THR.

There will be a pretalk by Kimball Strong at 12:20pm.