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Prof. Allen Knutson

What's on Allen's whiteboard right now?

  • My papers at the arXiv,
  • my 1-hour mathematics of juggling lecture on YouTube (or translated into Italian),
  • a friendly introduction (15 min) to my less-friendly ICM video (26 min):

  • Various Schubert calculus notes and slides (in reverse chronological order):

  • My ICM 2022 paper "Schubert calculus and quiver varieties"
  • My ICM satellite talk, half-hour at a whiteboard
  • Slides from IMPANGA 20 July 2021, on Schubert puzzles developments since 2017
  • Slides from my Sydney talk August 2019, on Schubert puzzles and quiver varieties, barely modified from
  • Slides from my Harvard/MIT/Northeastern/Brandeis colloquium February 2019, on Schubert puzzles and quiver varieties
  • Slides from my plenary address to the CMS in June 2018, on Schubert puzzles and R-matrices
  • Notes from my summer (!) school in Melbourne December 2017, on equivariant Schubert calculus, R-matrices, and quiver varieties
  • Slides from my talk in Guangzhou November 2017, on Schubert puzzles and R-matrices
  • Slides from my AMS talk at Hunter May 2017, on Schubert puzzles, R-matrices, and invariant trilinear forms
  • Slides from my talk at the Michigan State AMS conference, 2015, on conormal varieties to Schubert varieties
  • Notes from my lecture series at the Osaka 2012 summer school on Schubert calculus
  • Notes from my lecture series at the Lisbon 2012 summer school on combinatorics of Schubert polynomials
  • Slides from my AMS plenary address on Schubert calculus and puzzles, 2011
  • Notes from my lecture series, "Schubert calculus and Quantum Information", at the 2009 Fields Institute "Workshop on Quantum Marginals and Density Matrices"
  • Other (sometimes Schubert-related) notes:

    My "Open Problems in Combinatorics" talk about hives, puzzles, and fusion coefficients (video only)

    Slides from my talk "Three tales of Hamiltonian geometry", March 2022 AMS Special Session on Equivariant Cohomology

    Slides from my talk (now on YouTube), "The commuting variety and generic pipe dreams", January 2022, Combinatorial Algebra meets Algebraic Combinatorics

    (superseding the) slides from my talk "Generic pipe dreams, interpolating between ordinary and bumpless pipe dreams" , June 2021, Recent Developments in Gröbner geometry, CMS Summer Meeting

    Slides from my talk "Bruhat cells, subword complexes, and stratified atlases", March 2021, in the MIT Infinite-Dimensional Algebras seminar

    Slides from my talk "Stable map resolutions of Richardson varieties", September 2020, in the Allensdottirs seminar

    Notes from my summer school in Dijon 2017, on Schubert varieties, subword complexes, Frobenius splitting, and Bruhat atlases

    Slides from my talk at JMM 2017, on the cyclic Bruhat decomposition of flag manifolds

    Notes from and video of my talk at Andrei Zelevinsky's memorial conference, April 2013

    Notes from my AMS-MAA invited address on a stratification of the Grassmannian by juggling patterns, 2012

    Notes from my talk at Bert Kostant's 80th birthday conference, 2008

    I wrote up some notes for "A First Course on Symplectic Resolutions", 2022.

    Spring 2020 course: Honors Introduction to Algebra Fall 2019 courses:

  • Math 6520: Differentiable manifolds
  • Math 7310: Topics in algebra: Quiver varieties
  • Spring 2019 course: Math 2240, Multivariable calculus

    Fall 2018 course: Math 1120: Calculus II.

    Spring 2018: Math 3360: Applicable Algebra.
    Fall 2017: Math 6670: Algebraic Geometry
    Spring 2017: Math 3340: Abstract Algebra and Math 6320: Algebra
    Fall 2016 course web page: Math 7510: Berstein seminar on Sheaves on Manifolds
    Spring 2016: Math 6500: Lie groups
    Fall 2015: Math 3210, Manifolds and differential forms
    Spring 2014: Math 2240, Linear algebra and multivariable calculus
    Fall 2014: Math 7690, Schubert varieties and degeneration, and Math 2230, Linear algebra and multivariable calculus
    Spring 2013: Math 2220: Multivariable calculus and Math 4370: "Applicable algebra", or, Gröbner bases
    Fall 2012: Math 7310: Flag manifolds and symmetric subgroups
    Spring 2012: Math 2240: integration and Math 6500: Lie groups
    Fall 2011: Math 7670: Algebraic Geometry and Math 7610: Seminar in Geometry (only part III) now with notes!
    Spring 2011: Linear Algebra
    Fall 2010: Math 7310: Introduction to geometric representation theory
    Spring 2010: Math 6500: Lie groups and Math 7670: Cohomology of sheaves
    Spring 2009: Math 4370 and Math 7390.

    (Most of) my students and grandstudents, as of 2016:

    Students not pictured: Anna Bertiger, Voula Collins, Andre Henriques, Hannah Keese, Sergio da Silva, Michelle Snider.
    Grandstudents not pictured: Matthew Arbo, Bruce Fontaine, Bradley Hannigan-Daley, Justin Hilburn, Max Kutler, Stephen Morgan, Daniel Moseley, Daniel Rowe, Alex Weekes.
    Some of them are in this older picture. There's also this:

    Tair Balázs

    My current students are

  • Portia Anderson
  • Joseph Fluegemann
  • Rodrigo Horruitiner
  • Hannah Keese
  • Play Katamari Damacy on this page

    That baby later did the video editing on this video: