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  • My papers at the arXiv,
  • my 1-hour mathematics of juggling lecture on YouTube (or translated into Italian),
  • a friendly introduction (15 min) to my less-friendly ICM video (26 min):

  • Various Schubert calculus notes and slides (in reverse chronological order):

  • My ICM 2022 paper "Schubert calculus and quiver varieties"
  • My ICM satellite talk, half-hour at a whiteboard
  • Slides from IMPANGA 20 July 2021, on Schubert puzzles developments since 2017
  • Slides from my Sydney talk August 2019, on Schubert puzzles and quiver varieties, barely modified from
  • Slides from my Harvard/MIT/Northeastern/Brandeis colloquium February 2019, on Schubert puzzles and quiver varieties
  • Slides from my plenary address to the CMS in June 2018, on Schubert puzzles and R-matrices
  • Notes from my summer (!) school in Melbourne December 2017, on equivariant Schubert calculus, R-matrices, and quiver varieties
  • Slides from my talk in Guangzhou November 2017, on Schubert puzzles and R-matrices
  • Slides from my AMS talk at Hunter May 2017, on Schubert puzzles, R-matrices, and invariant trilinear forms
  • Slides from my talk at the Michigan State AMS conference, 2015, on conormal varieties to Schubert varieties
  • Notes from my lecture series at the Osaka 2012 summer school on Schubert calculus
  • Notes from my lecture series at the Lisbon 2012 summer school on combinatorics of Schubert polynomials
  • Slides from my AMS plenary address on Schubert calculus and puzzles, 2011
  • Notes from my lecture series, "Schubert calculus and Quantum Information", at the 2009 Fields Institute "Workshop on Quantum Marginals and Density Matrices"
  • Other (sometimes Schubert-related) notes:
  • My "Open Problems in Combinatorics" talk about hives, puzzles, and fusion coefficients (video only)
  • Slides from my talk "Three tales of Hamiltonian geometry", March 2022 AMS Special Session on Equivariant Cohomology
  • Slides from my talk (now on YouTube), "The commuting variety and generic pipe dreams", January 2022, Combinatorial Algebra meets Algebraic Combinatorics
  • (superseding the) slides from my talk "Generic pipe dreams, interpolating between ordinary and bumpless pipe dreams" , June 2021, Recent Developments in Gröbner geometry, CMS Summer Meeting
  • Slides from my talk "Bruhat cells, subword complexes, and stratified atlases", March 2021, in the MIT Infinite-Dimensional Algebras seminar
  • Slides from my talk "Stable map resolutions of Richardson varieties", September 2020, in the Allensdottirs seminar
  • Notes from my summer school in Dijon 2017, on Schubert varieties, subword complexes, Frobenius splitting, and Bruhat atlases
  • Slides from my talk at JMM 2017, on the cyclic Bruhat decomposition of flag manifolds
  • Notes from and video of my talk at Andrei Zelevinsky's memorial conference, April 2013
  • Notes from my AMS-MAA invited address on a stratification of the Grassmannian by juggling patterns, 2012
  • Notes from my talk at Bert Kostant's 80th birthday conference, 2008

  • Here's some stuff from courses 2009-2020 (i.e. pre-Canvas).

    (Most of) my students and grandstudents, as of 2016:

    Students not pictured: Anna Bertiger, Voula Collins, Andre Henriques, Hannah Keese, Sergio da Silva, Michelle Snider.
    Grandstudents not pictured: Matthew Arbo, Bruce Fontaine, Bradley Hannigan-Daley, Justin Hilburn, Max Kutler, Stephen Morgan, Daniel Moseley, Daniel Rowe, Alex Weekes.
    Some of them are in this older picture. There's also this:

    Tair Balázs

    My current students are

  • Portia Anderson
  • Raj Gandhi
  • Joseph Fluegemann
  • Rodrigo Horruitiner
  • Yibo Ji
  • Hannah Keese
  • Gabe Udell
  • Play Katamari Damacy on this page

    That baby later did the video editing on these videos (and the ICM one above):