Responding to a Suit Opening

This section explains how to bid after your partner opens 1, 1, 1, or 1. The first rule is:

You need 6 points to respond to a suit opening.
With fewer than 6 points, you should pass.

Now, since your partner opened, you know that he has at least 13 points. Since 25 points are required for game, you should classify your hand as follows:

6-10 points:     Minimum Hand
10 or 11 Points:     Invitational Hand
12+ Points: Game-Forcing Hand

Here is a description of each:


         Minimum Hand.      Unless your partner has significant extra strength, you are probably far short of game. Be content with finding a nice partscore (hopefully at the 2-level).

         Invitational Hand.      With 10 or 11 points, you know that you and your partner have 23 or 24, which is almost enough for game. At some point during the bidding, you should raise to the 3-level to invite game. Partner will pass with an absolute minimum, and bid game a few extra points.

         Game-Forcing Hand.      With 12 points, you are strong enough to bid game on your own. You should probably jump to the 4-level as soon as you find a fit.

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