MATH EXPLORERS' CLUB Cornell Department of Mathematics 

 1. Introduction


The Math Explorer’s Club is an NSF supported project aiming at developing materials and activites to give middle school and high school students an experience of more advanced topics in mathematics.

Group theory is a branch of mathematics that originated in the need to study a broad range of "symmetries" in a unified framework. These symmetries include the symmetries found in crystals, or more complex physical systems, as well as those found in art, music and "puzzles".

It is a beautiful example of how mathematical abstraction can lead to very fruitful theories, by extracting the core relevant notion out of a variety of concrete examples, then studying it abstractly using the powerful language of algebra.

This Math Explorer's Club activity targets high school students and aims at providing them with a sequence of short texts and activities through which they can learn not only about group theory but also about set theory and mathematical abstraction in general.

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