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On the Sierpinski Gasket, we construct three types of orthogonal polynomials: Antisymmetric, Symmetric, and Fully Orthonormal. See the Recurrence Relation Page for details of this construction. Here we display all the graphical results organized by the type of polynomial. Under each type of polynomial, we organize by graphs by results. We follow by showing a comparison of the Antisymmetric and Symmetric OP.

A short description of the types of results:

  • Graphs: Plots of the orthogonal polynomials on SG.
  • Recurrence Relation: Plots of the coefficients generated in the recurrence relation.
  • Edge Plots: Plots of the OP restricted to edges of SG.
  • Zero Plots: Given an OP, we color a point in SG according to the sign of the OP at that point.
  • Dynamics: Plots of the OP at a fixed point in SG for all degrees.

Below is a list of all the results pages. You may also click on the Navigation to left.