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Alex Townsend

Associate Professor

Cornell University


Malott 589


Selected academic talks

Error localization of best L1 polynomial approximants (2019) pdf

Spectral methods without discretization woes (2018) pdf, YouTube video

Continuous analogues of Krylov methods for differential operators (2018) pdf

Numerical computing without discretization woes (2018) pdf

Algebraic-geometric methods for multidimensional polynomial rootfinding (2018) pdf

Fast algorithms using the humble Hadamard matrix product (2017) pdf

A spectral method for active biological fluid simulations (2017) pdf

Why are so many matrices of low rank in computational math? (2017) pdf, YouTube video

How to develop top 21st century algorithm (2017) pdf

Top-ten algorithms from the 20th century (2016) pdf

Stable extrapolation of analytic functions (2016). pdf

Numerical computations with functions on the sphere and disk (2015). pdf

Beyond Chebyshev technology (2015). pdf

A fast analysis-based DHT using asymptotics expansions (2015). [Awarded the Leslie Fox Prize] pdf

Are resultant methods numerically unstable for multidimensional rootfinding? (2015). pdf

A fast Chebyshev-Legendre transform using an asymptotic formula (2015). pdf

Fast algorithms based on asymptotic expansions of special functions (2015). pdf

The automatic solution of PDEs using a global spectral method (2014). pdf

Continuous analogues of matrix factorizations (2014). pdf

Bivariate rootfinding via Bezout resultants (2013). pdf

An extension of Chebfun to two dimensions (2013). [Awarded SIAM UKIE certificate of recognition for talk] pdf

A fast and well-conditioned spectral method: The US method (2013). [Talk for the Leslie Fox Prize] pdf

Chebfun2: Exploring constant coefficient PDEs on rectangles (2013). pdf 

Chebfun: Numerical computing with functions (2013). [An invited 1hr 40min tutorial] pdf 

Double ansatz spaces and barycentric rootfinding (2012). pdf 

Chebfun2: Bivariate function approximation the ACA way (2012). pdf

Computing Gauss-Jacobi quadrature rules (2012). pdf

Multiscale analysis on bounded domains with restricted interpolation points (2011). [Awarded SIAM UKIE best student talk prize] pdf