Conferences, Workshops, and Summer Schools

Event Dates
Young Topologists Meeting 3-7 July 2017 Notes
Chromatic Homotpy Theory: Journey to the Frontier 16-20 May 2018 Notes
Homotopy Theory Summer Berlin 18-22 June 2018 Notes


These notes are here mainly for the benefit of my classmates, but feel free to use them as you see fit.

Item Class Semester
Notes on the Cotangent Complex Summer 2019
Simplicial Methods in Algebra and Geometry 7350 Fall 2018
Homotopy Theory Reading Group Fall 2018
Algebraic Number Theory 6370 Spring 2018
Homotopy Theory Reading Group Spring 2018
K-Theory 6530 Fall 2017 Inna's Notes
Algebraic Geometry 6670 Fall 2017
DG Algebras and DG Categories 7350 Spring 2017
Symplectic Geometry Reading Group Fall 2016
Sheaves on Manifolds 7510 Fall 2016
Lie Combinatorics and Hyperplane Arrangements 7410 Fall 2016
Differentiable Manifolds I 6520 Fall 2016

SPUR 2019

Some notes from a short crash course for the 2019 Cornell Summer Program for Undergraduate Research.

Cambridge Part III

These notes are far from error-free. Please let me know if you spot any errors or typos!

Class Term
Part III Essay Lent 2015
Hopf Algebras Lent 2016
Representation Theory Lent 2016
Complex Manifolds Lent 2016 Only the first half of the course.
Commutative Algebra Michaelmas 2015
Category Theory Michaelmas 2015
Differential Geometry Michaelmas 2015
Lie Algebras Michaelmas 2015

Bökstedt Preprints

These three important preprints of Marcel Bökstedt were very hard to find, so I have posted them here for ease of reference.

Miscellaneous LaTeX

Item Description Document class and template for making class handouts. Document class and template for live-TeX-ing class notes.
curve.png Image file for beamer template.
mehrle-beamertemplate.tex A pretty beamer template.
mehrle-beamertemplate.pdf A pretty beamer template.
mehrle-howtolatex.pdf An introduction to LaTeX written for PROMYS 2014 students.

PCMI 2015

Notes from the Park City Math Institute 2015.

Item Description
groupobjectsetude.pdf A worksheet on group objects created for the undergrad summer school.
flagvarieties.pdf PCMI 2015 Lectures on Flag Varieties by Aaron Bertram.
modulispaces.pdf PCMI 2015 Lectures on Moduli Spaces by Tom Garrity.


Notes from counselor seminars at PROMYS 2015.

Item Description
graphcoloring.pdf Notes for a lecture on graph coloring using algebraic geometry.
liealgebras.pdf Notes for an intro to Lie algebras.
rootsystems.pdf Notes for an intro to root systems.

Carnegie Mellon

These scans are from a dark time when I used to take notes by hand. I can guarantee neither the correctness nor the legibility of these notes, and should not be held responsible for either.

Course Semester
Algebraic Geometry Spring 2013 Class handouts by Judy Holdener.
Commutative Algebra Fall 2013
Complex Analysis Spring 2014 Part 1 and Part 2
Extremal Combinatorics Spring 2014
Galois Theory Spring 2014
Group Theory with Physics Applications Spring 2014
Representation Theory Fall 2014 Taken at the University of Pittsburgh
Differential Geometry (Physics) Fall 2014
Category Theory Spring 2015