Bridge Bidding

by Jim Belk


Basic Bidding

        A short summary of standard bidding.

Counting Points and Scoring

The Opening Bid

Responding to a Suit Opening
    Raising Your Partner's Suit
    Responding with a Minimum Hand
    Responding with a Stronger Hand

Opener's Rebid

Preemptive Openings

Responding to a Notrump Opening
    Jacoby Transfers
    Other Notrump Openings

The Strong 2 Clubs Opening

Slam Bidding
    The Quantitative Raise

    The Takeout Double
    The Strong Double
    Unusual 2NT and The Michaels Cuebid

Competitive Bidding
    Competitive Rules
    Negative Doubles
    Inviting Game
    Competitive Decisions and Balancing



In-Depth Topics

        Longer discussions of various bridge-related topics.

Duplicate Bridge Scoring

IMPs and Matchpoints

Control-Showing Cuebids

Jacoby 2NT

Roman Keycard Blackwood

Leads (New!)

Suit Openings

Opener's Reverse

Responding to a Minor-Suit Opening

Fourth-Suit Forcing

Responding to a Suit Opening II

Forcing Bids


Texas Transfers

Defense to 1NT Openings


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